Software manufactures often change their code, to fix problems or to add new functionality. When this happens they "Push" send a notice, to everyone that has the product, an update.

    These should not be ignored, and as soon as you see a notice, you should update your device. By clicking on the update notice, you will receive instructions on how to complete the process.

iPhones will look something like this:

Apple App Store icon.

Apple Mac look something like this:

popup window.

Win/PC look something like this:

icon in status bar.

     If it is at all possible, you should read the details of the update just to verify that it is something that is genuine, and also to know what it is going to affect. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "My computer isn't working anymore, there was an update but I don't know what it was..."

     The new code could make your device, program or app run better. It might add new functionality, a better way to hide Solitaire from your boss. Or it might make things more secure.

     Think of this as the big red idiot light on the dashboard of your car, you wouldn't drive for months with it blinking at you, right?

     Follow the advice of your Operating System and activate your updates.

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