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Track Changes for Fast Editing


                    To improve your editing read this article posted with the nice folks at


Text To Speech


    If you're like me, when writing something, you tend to leave out the small words like, it, is, and a. Our eyes and brains just skim over where the words are supposed to be, filling them in for us. But when someone else reads your work, the awkward holes, stop them from reading it, cold.

    You can tell yourself to read slowly and carefully, but your brain still checks out. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get another set of eyes to read your work and make sure all those little annoying quirks are caught before you hand it off to be read by an editor, or on the internet?

    Your computer will be happy to do this for you. And its free and comes with your Operating System (Windows/ Mac OSX).

  • Click on System Preferences (Click on the Apple at the top left screen)
  • Click on Dictation & Speech
  • Click on Text to Speech
  • Check “speak selected text….”

    You can change the voice, I currently have an English woman. The speed at which they speak. And the keyboard combination that turns it on and off. Now all you have to do is invoke the keyboard combination and you computer will read out loud your text.

  • Clicking the Start button
  • Clicking All Programs
  • Clicking Accessories
  • Clicking Ease of Access
  • Clicking Narrator

    Under Main Narrator Settings box, do one or more of the following: To hear what you type, select the Echo User’s Keystrokes check box. Once you have turned on Narrator, you can select which things Narrator will read aloud.

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August 4, 2015

    lithium-ion batteries are used in most electronic devices these days. Being light weight and high energy density they're able to operate at a higher voltage than many other types of rechargeable phone battery.

    They also hold a load longer than the old fashioned rechargeable NiMh batteries.

    The newer batteries don't have the 'memory' charge problems of their predecessors, if they routinely were charged only to a certain amount they would get stuck at that point and soon the storage cells became worthless.
    Lithium batteries will last longer and be healthier if you let your device drain down to zero once a month. After they are empty, reconnect them and charge them normally. All data and programs should be unharmed.
    Never leave your device plugged in after it reaches 100%. To do so will shorten the life of the battery.

    If you are working on your device all day, once the battery drops to 80% or below, it is safe to start charging it again.
    One thing to understand about Lithium-ion batteries is that if they should catch fire, start to smoke, give any signs of combustion, if possible carefully move the device - battery and all, to a concrete surface away from anything flammable, call 911, and wait until it burns itself out. There is no way to extinguish a fire started with these types of batteries. I know that sounds scary, but they are very safe.
    Following these steps will help your battery last longer, you and your device will be happy campers.

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