July 9, 2015

    Strong passwords will help slow down someone that is trying to access your e-device. The old adage "If they want to come in, they will" holds true for our electronic world.

        Unfortunately you are never 100% safe.

Things to remember when creating passwords:

  1. NEVER use the same password for more than one place. If its found then everything is vulnerable.
  2. They need to be AT least 14 characters long.
  3. A mixture of characters upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.
  4. Don't use the same characters next to each other, and don't use the same character multiple times in one password.
  5. They should be a phrase: Ih^tEMoNDaY$52@ is an example.
  6. Write them down. Yep I know seems counter intuitive but write them down and keep track of 'em
  7. NEVER use your real information for those security questions. Don't make the hacker's job easier. Make up answers and write them down with your passwords so you can refer to them.
  8. Change your password periodically. Once a year is good. Every Six months is better.
  9. Use a password generator (Mac/Apple comes with one) if you can't think of anything on your own. You can usually find these as free programs. Keychain, comes with Mac, has one built in.

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