Heat and e-devices

June 27, 2015

    Ever leave a pair of sunglasses on the dashboard on a hot day? Imagine if that was your Smartphone or tablet? YIKES!

    On a hot summer day a closed car can reach temperatures of over 120 degrees. iPhones and iPads will stop working at an internal temperature of 114 degrees fahrenheit. If this happens you need to get them someplace cooler so they can recover, if they haven't been too badly damaged.


    Laptops don't like direct sunlight anymore than any other electronic device. Windows machines tend to run at a steady 119 degrees, hotter if they are working hard on something. Remember those nasty vinyl car seats of yore? Putting a laptop on your naked thighs is the same experience. Mac laptops do heat up, but they cool off again quickly.

    A cooling mat can save your laptop. I found one years ago at Fred Meyer's, but they're pretty much everywhere these days. A shelf for your laptop to rest on with a fan in, that's powered by USB, which you plug into the device.

    Desktop computer - if its hot in the house, your computer is going to be suffering as well. Bring it out from under your desk, or add a small fan to allow more air to circulating around it.

    Remember digital storage media (hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives (which are used in cell/smartphones) becomes damaged at 150 degrees fahrenheit.

    Downloading a free program to monitor the temperature of your Windows machines, is a good idea. You can set an alarm, and the program will even shut your computer down if its too hot.

    You have an investment of both time and money in your e-devices, treating them with some common sense during hot days will make your summer a safe and sane one.

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