Cloud Storage

July 21, 2015

    By now everyone's heard the term 'cloud storage,' but what is it? It simply means 'off site depository.' That is to say storage, that is not found in your house.

    With multiple devices (iPads, Smartphones, computers) using them in a variety of locations, being able to store data that's retrievable no matter what device you're operating, regardless of location, is very important. Programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Letterspace and Fetch, allow you to move data from one device to the cloud. Retrieving it at a later date with a different one.

    Lets say you are waiting for a doctors appointment. A great idea hits you, get out your smartphone, open Evernote and jot down the information, save. Back home at the computer, access your Evernote account and retrieve the data, now it can be incorporated into the writing program of your choice.

    Another example, you've finished a chapter, uploaded it to Dropbox. Notifying your Beta readers, they can download it, no matter where they are physically located.

    iCloud, is not a program, it is off site storage, for both PC and Mac computers, iPhone and Android phones. This is great, in case of something catastrophic happening to your location. All data is safe, and can be retrieved. Unlike the programs mentioned above, iCloud is not free.

    There were some security issues last year in conjunction with iCloud. But those have been addressed. Industry experts agree that cloud security is strong and should be trusted.

    I hope this has clarified these buzz words, and given you some new ideas on using this technology.

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