Protection for Catastrophic EventsJune 19, 2015

It's not "if" but "when" your hard drive will fail.

     Having a plan to weekly backup, at least, your computer data will save you some heartaches. I is also recommended that backing up the full hard drive, is a good practice. Think of all the programs you have installed on your computer, will you remember all of them when the hard drive stops working? If one of the programs becomes corrupted, having it backed up allows you the option to simply reinstall.

Backup Smartphones and tablets. Without, if they're, lost or broken the data will be lost.

    Backing up your hard disk should be done either to an external hard drive that is NOT connected full time to your computer, or to the cloud. Why not have it attached full time? Because if the machine picks up a virus - it could travel into your backup drive and infect it as well.


    If you are using Apple products, connecting them to your Mac computer will activate iTunes which has an option for backing them up.

    Android devices: if you link it to your computer you can manually backup everything on it, by coping and pasting it.

    Use this simple procedure to make certain that you aren't left crying and pulling your hair out when disaster strikes.

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